A Letter from Founder + Chief Creatrix, Erin Orden


“There is no exquisite beauty…without some strangeness in the proportion.” — Edgar Allen Poe.

“There is no exquisite beauty…without some strangeness in the proportion.” — Edgar Allen Poe.

To the Passionately-Driven + Curious-Hearted:

My business is about you and the ethical and holistic movements we both believe in. 

It’s about the wildly kind + passionate conversations we’ll have, the collaborative, artistic experiences we’ll create for your brand and customers, and the fulfillment that comes from prospering without compromising integrity. 

It’s about your dream + my experience, playing out in the luscious, ever-expanding landscape of ethical and organic beauty. It’s about the industry that’s helping to change the game of conscious commerce, and it’s driven by anomalies like us. 

It’s about dialing in to the sound of your brand’s deepest breathing heart, and sharing that pulse with the people who want what only you can bring.

Over tea, I could tell you incredible stories of what’s brought us together, to this very moment. Visual fluency has always driven me: before I started the first independant beauty counters in the shadow of Nordstrom, art and fashion were my world. During my apparel design + arts degree, I deconstructed kimonos with Japanese elders in Maui—and continued to push boundaries with paint + anthropomorphic furniture at Cornish College (BFA; Sculpture, painting, furniture design). Early on my career, my art studio and indie-beauty sales office were in the same space, feeding one another in energy + devotion.

I’ve journeyed through all the corners of the beauty industry, excelling as an senior account executive, brand manager, and at one point, a top sales hustler in a large corporate entity. Long story short: I jumped ship to do business differently. I was in the trenches when beauty wasn’t kind: not to animals, not to consumers, and certainly not to women. I took part in the reclamation of women’s interests and ethics in the industry, and the incredible shift towards sustainability that’s made our corner of the market possible.  

All of my experimenting, all of my boldness, all of my creative fluidity—I bring that to you when we work together. I’m a truth-partner, an avid mentor, a brand-maven—someone who knows the business + is profoundly invested in your success. 

Yes, I can give you facts + figures about sales + milestones—but what I want you to know is that the process to wealth, with me, is uncommonly joyful. The beauty industry can be a place that ravages souls; my expertise is to create succulence + strength in every move— with the calm and confidence that we’ll do well, and do good.

And to retailers: your commitment to providing buyers with ethical products is part of the profound movement in evolutionary business + ecological stability. It’s my pleasure + passion to bring the most stunning products to your counter, an inspired experience for your customers, and lucrative opportunities for product partnerships. 

With kindness + truth,